Best kinds of air purification

Best kinds of air purification

There are two general groups of impurities filters seek to remove: particles and odor. When we speak of particles, on the large end we are referring to dust, pet dander and dust mites, and on the small end, soot from smoke, mold spores, pollen and large bacteria cells. Odor (Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs), on the other hand, consist of much smaller molecules.

Purrified Air is a Fave Find on Modern Cat magazine

It’s wonderful to have a cat in the house, but it’s less wonderful when everyone knows you have a cat as soon as they get a whiff of your entry way. Although it’s easy to believe there’s no way around the smells that come with cat ownership, no longer is a home perfumed by your kitty litter a burden you have to bear.

Our Air Purifier for Pets is a compact piece of technology built to reduce the pet waste odor in your home to undetectable levels! 

Purrifier Air helps you remove pet smells, dander, allergens and other substances from the air of your home.

Excellent article on catechin air filtration for pet odor.

Catechin Filters – The Advantages

  • Eliminates terrible odour and arrests the passage of bacteria and other microbes
  • Ideal for removing the rancid smell of tobacco smoke and paints, varnishes, and so on.
  • Extremely useful to asthmatic patients as these filters purify the air and get rid of the allergens
  • Prevents the spread of respiratory diseases caused by inhaling polluted indoor air.
  • The Catechin filters have the power to disrupt the contagious ability of the viruses by covering the spikes of the virus.

We're All About Cats review

We're All About Cats review
We love the shot of the cat in our shipping box. Article summary of the We're All About Cats review.Litter box odor is probably the hardest part of...

Article on problems of cat litter dust


Dear Earth Talk:What are the health effects of clumping cat litter on humans? Are there any negative side effects from breathing the actual litter? —Andy and Taeja Klukas, Maple Grove, MN

Clay-based cat litters contain crystalline silica, the main component in sand, rock and mineral ores. A possible health threat from clay-based litters is posed by silica dust, which can be kicked up and breathed in by both cats and humans.

Great progress on shutoff sensor project.

We have a working prototype of the temporary shutoff sensor, designed to turn off the fan as cats approach the litter box entry. It's for those cat...

Excellent background article on how activated carbon/charcoal destroys odor

Activated carbon:

  • Has a capacity for virtually any vapor contaminant. It will adsorb some of almost any vapor;
  • Has a large capacity for organic molecules, especially solvents;
  • Will adsorb and retain a wide variety of chemicals at the same time;
  • Has an extremely large capacity to destroy ozone catalytically. Ozone is a major component of smog;Works well under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions;
  • Adsorbs odors and chemicals preferentially to moisture. It is not a desiccant and will release moisture to adsorb chemicals;
  • Can be used as a carrier of one material to attract and hold or react with another material;
  • Is inert and safe to handle and use; and
  • Is available and affordable.