Troubleshooting Guide

Often, when people find their Purrified Air filter does not perform up to expectations it is due to their configuration not being optimized for best outcomes or the unit is flawed. This guide has been prepared to solve either problem. Please look below to find a solution to your issue.

For all applications make sure...

Filter media pack has been removed from sealed bag, returned to the same position in the bottom of the filter and the top secured snugly with the thumb screws.

The fan appears to run at a full range of speeds.

The four air intakes on the bottom of the unit and the filtered air outflow on the top have no obstruction for at least 1.5 inches.

Do not attempt to place filter on wall using supplied Velcro. (Yes, this happened.) It is provided to hold filter to the top of a covered litter box, when that is the use.

As a general guideline, the closer the filter is to the odor source the better it will work.

For open litter trays

Best placement is 18 inches over tray. This can be achieved by using our Wall-mount/Table-top Bracket or a wire shelf. If you do not wish to make holes in your wall to mount the Wall Bracket, consider buying a floor standing wire shelf (In the low $30s at Amazon and Home Depot for suitable models.) or making our do-it-yourself Filter Suspension Contraption (FSC).

If these approaches are not possible, you can place the filter on a counter or table next to the box using the bracket’s table-top function.

For ferret cages

Best placement is above the cage just far enough that animals cannot reach the filter, using the Wall-mount/Table-top Bracket or a wire shelf.

Next to the cage on a counter top also works well.

Additional issues

My fan started making a whining sound. This means the fan or the speed controller went bad. It is guaranteed for as long as you own it. Send us the top half (the half with the fan) and we will repair or replace and return.

It worked fine for a time but then stopped. This could mean the filter media pack needs to be replaced – if four or more months have passed – or that the filter pad on the bottom of the media pack has become packed with dust. For the latter, we recommend removing the media pack from the filter every month or two and carefully vacuuming it with a brush attachment. This will provide optimal performance.

It was dead out of the box. Let us know. We will send you a prepaid return label to return the unit and send another tested one, or provide a refund after we receive it back.

I did everything you said but it still doesn’t work for me. We are sorry that this highly rated product did not work for you. You have 30 days to return the unit for a refund.

I got a different issue. Email us at We love to help.