Purrified Air FAQs and Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions Video (Written instructions below)

Thank you for purchasing a Purrified Air, the best air purifier for pets. Whether you keep your cat's litter box at an obsessive-compulsive level of pristine purity at all times, or several degrees less than that, any problem you have in your home with litter box odor will be eliminated with this product.


Purrified Air is designed to be attached to the top of covered-style litter boxes, over the existing vents, over open litter trays with the use of our wall-mount bracket or on top of dome-shaped covered litter boxes such as the Booda. Great care has been taken to assure that our attachment system is adaptable to the vast majority of commonly-available litter boxes.


1. Remove and dispose of any existing filter pad in the litter box vents. An internal prefilter pad in our unit will trap dust your cat may kick up before the air enters the purification media. 

2. Clean the top of the litter box cover before applying the hook and loop pads with a strong cleaner such as rubbing alcohol or Formula 409 to ensure good adhesion.

3. Remove the protective cover on the hook and loop pads, exposing the adhesive.

4. Press the unit down firmly, centered over the top vents of the litter box. Don't be concerned if some of the litter box vents remain uncovered. The fan is strong enough to pull in all air from the litter box. Try not to pull up on the hook and loop pads for 24 hours as the adhesive takes that time to achieve maximum strength.

5. Remove the filter media cartridge from its airtight wrapping to activate filter media. Make sure the side with the prefilter pad is facing down. Place in the bottom of the unit. 

6. Use the two supplied thumb screws to secure the top to the bottom. Turn until snug to eliminate air gaps between the two pieces.

7. If placing under furniture, make sure there is at least 1.5 inches of clearance above the filter for proper air flow.

8. Plug in. Within an hour, you should notice a large improvement. The unit is designed for continuous use. To be effective, it should be left on any time there may be waste in the litter box.

The filter draws about 3 watts. The cost to operate is minimal. The fan is rated for a minimum of 50,000 hours continuous use, or 5.7 years. The fan is guaranteed for as long as you own the filter. If it ever fails, send us the top cover containing the fan and we will replace it free. The included cartridge is designed to last four to seven months, depending on load. New cartridges are available from our website purrifiedair.com, or your dealer. Big discounts are available for multi-cartridge purchases. (We save on shipping. We are happy to pass along these savings to you.)

If you are having difficulty getting a good placement on your litter box, we might be able to help. Email us at info@purrifiedair.com with a description and a photograph of what you are up against.

Every month or two, removing the cartridge and gently vacuuming the filter pad will assure optimum air flow.

Wall-mount bracket attachment

If attaching to a sheet-rock wall, use the supplied screws and anchors. It is best to set with a level. If you don't have a level, measuring off the floor the same distance to both the right and left sides of the bracket should get you pretty close.

Spent Cartridge Disposal

The contents of the cartridge are mostly organic. To dispose of an expired cartridge, simply cut it open and place the materials in your garden, fire pit, yard waste bin, or garbage can.




The Purrified Air litter box odor killer is warranted for one year from date of purchase to be free from manufacturer defects. Liability shall be limited to repair or replacement of defective parts at the manufacturer's discretion. This warranty does not cover products which become defective through neglect or misuse.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this air purifier using HEPA filters?

No. HEPA filters are OK for some particles like tiny dust, smoke, and certain mold spores, bacteria, allergens and the like, but not so good for odor. Purrified Air is designed to eliminate odor molecules that mostly pass through HEPA filters and the larger dust particles from kicked up litter.

Odor particles such as hydrogen sulfide (poop smell), ammonia (urine smell) and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are much smaller still, so HEPA filtration does not work for those.

Activated carbon and zeolite capture odor in tiny pores through a sort of magnetic attraction called adsorption (as distinct from absorption) Significantly, given the large, 2.2 pound volume of filter media, and forced air, Purrified Air will work much longer and harder than mere foam pads impregnated with a small amount of carbon or zeolite.

How can I mount the filter over my open litter tray without drilling holes in my wall (landlord won't allow) for your Wall-Mount bracket?

In this case we recommend using a floor-standing wire shelf about 18" above the litter box. They cost about $30-$35 from Amazon or Home Depot. Read our blog article for links. We also have instructions there for building a floor-standing PVC contraption that costs about $15-$20 in materials from Home Depot.

Why is the Purrified Air filter designed to be on all the time?

Any time there is pet waste in your litter box or cage, odor is being generated. By being ON all the time, we make sure your air is clean and allergens, dander and smell is eliminated.

Annual cost to operate

At 12 cents per kilowatt hour, an average rate in the U.S., the filter will cost about $4.00 per year to operate in always on mode.

Can I use the filter for more than just pets?

The product is designed to eliminate all Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that pass through it. A basic definition of VOCs is things that smell. Any household odors from cooking, bathrooms, garbage, paint, strong cleaning chemicals, smoke, and fire places will be greatly reduced by placing the filter in the vicinity. Our combination wall-mount bracket and table-top cradle makes this easy and effective.

Does using the Purrified Air filter mean I don't have to clean my litter box as often?

We won't tell if you don't. We have actually gotten a complaint from a couple customers that the product covers smell so well they forget to clean the litter box. They have added reminders to their calendars.

What are the dimensions of the filter?

It measures 9-3/8" x 9-3/8" x 4-1/4" tall. When placing under a table, counter, or other furniture, you must leave a minimum of 1.5 inches above the filter open for air to move out of the fan.

Why is this filter heavier than other filters?

An activated carbon-based air filter's immediate and long term effectiveness is directly related to the amount of filter media it contains along with the amount of air which is forced through the media. This unit has 2.2 pounds (one kilogram) of media, giving it the ability to destroy strong odor for several months. This is 30-100 times the odor-destroying power of other products on the market.

How do I know when it is time to reorder a media cartridge?

Depending on how heavily the litter box is used, cartridges are designed to last 4-7 months. You can let your nose be your guide. Or perhaps a visitor to your home may be a better judge as it is easy to become used to odors in one's own home.

How do I dispose of a used filter media cartridge?

We know our filter media refills are not cheap. Here is a way to get double the value out of them. Turns out the primary ingredients of our filter media packs -- activated carbon and zeolite --  are excellent soil enhancers for plants. Both absorb excess water and slowly releases it as the plant requires, preventing root rot. Zeolite takes the ammonia in cat urine and turns it into nitrogen-based plant food. Activated carbon rids soil of impurities, repels insects, and prevents mold and odors. To apply, cut open used media packs, and mix into soil at a rate of about one part filter media to 10-20 parts soil. That’s roughly one cup per medium size flower pot or two cups per cubic foot of soil in the garden.

After I installed my Purrified Air filter, I noticed there are gaps between the filter and the top of my litter box. Does this mean odor is escaping the filtration system?

No. The fan system is designed to pull in all air from the area of the litter box.