Options for mounting filter over open litter box without drilling holes in wall.

How to make a Filter Suspension Contraption (FSC)

If you don't want to put holes in your wall to mount a Wall-mount bracket we have several solutions for you to choose from. 

Follow the accompanying instructions* to build the Filter Suspension Contraption (FSC) for $15-$20 in 3/4" PVC parts from a hardware store.

Or, purchase one of these floor-standing wire shelves from Amazon or Home Depot in the low $30s.

Link to the Amazon model.

Assemble without bottom shelf. It is still quite sturdy.

Link to the Home Depot model.


Also, assemble without bottom shelf. Set middle shelf about 18" off floor for Purrified Air filter and use remainder of middle shelf and top shelf for other stuff.

Send us a photo of yours and we will send you a free filter media pack. 


* This project requires just under 11 feet of 3/4" PVC pipe, four 3/4" slip fit (not threaded) elbows and four 3/4" slip fit "Ts."

We don't feel the need to glue the unit together as it seems to hold together sufficiently without glue. But, of course, you may. If you want to paint it feel free. Most basic paints adhere very well to PVC. But be sure to clean all pieces with alcohol, or another strong cleaner, first. Also, removing as much of the printed ink on the pipes with sandpaper or acetone before painting allows fewer coats of paint to fully cover the printing. We learned that one the hard way.

pvc shelf 2

Filter on Filter Suspension Contraption (FSC).


pvc shelf 3

FSC painted white.


 pvc shelf

Filter and FSC in place.


pvc parts

Materials and sizes for FSC. The 18" leg length is intended for a typical open litter tray. For use with something taller, such as a Litter Robot, increase leg length accordingly.


parts locations

Locations for all FSC pieces. The inside width is 21-3/4". If your litter box is larger than that, increase length of 5" pieces accordingly.


black wire shelf

The Amazon Basics shelf minus bottom shelf. This unit has 21-3/4" of width to accommodate litter boxes.


black shelf from amazon


wire shelf from Home Depot

For the Home Depot model we recommend not using the bottom shelf and raising the middle shelf to about 18"-20" above floor and using the top shelf for other uses.



tools for cutting pvc

Tools for cutting PVC.

Good luck. Send us a picture of how this worked out for you and get a free filter media pack. 








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