Why Purrified Air Is The Best Air Purifier For Pet Odors

Our Case

The Problem

You've tried it all: Sprays, filter pads, ten different kinds of litter, opening doors and windows until you have heated or cooled your neighborhood. Yet your home still suffers from COS, or Cat Odor Syndrome. Okay, we made that up (but if the drug manufacturers can make up new illnesses, we can too). And even if you don't notice it anymore, even if you clean the box twice a day, you can still see the reaction on your visitors' faces when they walk through the door. 

The Solution 

How about a solution that once and for all solves the problem? A solution that will keep that new significant other inside that door, instead of running for the hills screaming “He/she was perfect in every way, but I just can't hang with cat odor!” 

The Purrified Air litter box air filter employs five-stage air filtration, using a combination cutting-edge and tried-and-true technologies. Configured in a highly effective cartridge, it combines the right quantities and sequences of filter media.

Stage one: a filter pad blocks dust from kicked-up litter from clogging later media stages and from escaping the litter box. Stage two: The filter pad is treated with a natural chemical called Catechin. It is derived from green tea. Here is what the Mitsubishi company says about the Catechin used in its air conditioner pre-filters:

"Catechin filters get their name from a naturally occurring bioflavonoid found in green tea that has been used in traditional medicine since ancient times. Catechin — which has antiviral and antibacterial properties — is infused into every molecule of these filters, which enables them to strip the passing air of odor-causing pollutants such as tobacco smoke and pet smells. An equally important benefit is that they trap and deactivate microscopic bacteria and viruses, which can diminish or prevent the spread of some diseases."

Stages three-five: A proprietary blend of 2.2 pounds (one kilogram) of a proprietary blend of filter media (which is 30 to 100 times more than our two major competitors), consisting of activated carbon, zeolite and negative ion ceramic balls. Activated carbon, in the right quantity and with the right air flow through it removes almost all VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as those found in cat waste. Zeolite is particularly effective against the odor-causing ammonia in cat urine. Tourmaline ionic balls are used because of their effectiveness in killing odor-causing bacteria.

This one-two-three-four-five-punch is able to knock out cat odor because of a powerful fan with adjustable speed. The fan is just powerful enough to capture all air in the litter box and force it through the filter cartridge and slow enough to be quiet and for foul odors to have more "dwell time" to react with filter media.

The quantity of filter media and forced air is the key to the effectiveness of the Purrified Air filter. Small pads with carbon or zeolite impregnated don't work because the amounts are tiny and nothing is stopping the odor from leaving the box through other openings.

The Proof

The Purrified Air filter has been tested for effectiveness on more than our noses. We employed a state of the art “GB Pro” model ammonia gas sensor by the Industrial Scientific company, sensitive to one part per million (ppm). Based on these tests, we learned that ammonia, a key odor-causing component of cat waste, can be sensed by the human nose at about two or three ppm in the air. The test was conducted in a 2500 square foot home with one, indoor-only cat.

The litter box was in one of four bedrooms. The cat took meals and spends most of its time in this room, according to the owner. We requested that the owner leave the litter box unattended for four days before the test to give the Purrfied Air unit something considerable to chew on. The owner said she did so. Upon opening the door into the room the odor was strong and tested from three to four ppm at various places around the room. The reading inside the litter box was eight to nine ppm.

The filter was installed and switched on. The door was closed. One hour later, the room was retested. The nose and the meter read a solid zero at various places around the room. The reading in the litter box varied from zero to one.

Other evidence of Purrified Air's effectiveness is that not one of our cat-owning friends and relatives to whom we loaned a unit for testing has returned it.

The Setup

The Purrified Air filter is designed to fit on the vast majority of covered-type litter boxes, and over open, pan-type boxes with our new wall-mount bracket. We wanted you to be able to save money by using your own box that you like, instead of adding the cost of a proprietary litter box from us. We know that finding the right litter box for you and your cat can involve a fair amount of trial and error. So we understand that when you find the right box you want to stick with it.

For covered boxes, if it has a generally flat surface and a vent, it will work. Simply remove any filter pad that may already be in the vent – if it worked you wouldn't need us – and apply filter based on supplied instructions. If you have a box with a flat top but no vent (there is at least one) you have the option of cutting a vent into the box and placing the Purrified Air filter over the vent hole. If your litter box looks like any shown on this website, the Purrified Air filter will work well.

The unit is designed for continuous use. To be effective, it should be left on any time there may be waste in the litter box. It draws about 2.4 watts, so the cost to operate is minimal. The fan is rated for a minimum of 40,000 hours, or four-and-a-half years of continuous service.

The Origins Story

Purrified Air filters are made in America by an American company. The plastic materials for the outer case, the carbon, and the zeolite are all produced in America. The electronics are from China. The catechin is from India and China. The negative ionic balls are from various countries. The product is crafted in America by employees who are paid quite a bit more than minimum wage.

The Deal

The Purrified Air filter comes complete with a fresh, air sealed cartridge ready to go for $119.99, and free shipping. Quantities for multi-litter-box households are deeply discounted. Or go in on a few with your friends. Expedited shipping is available for a fee. A portion of each sale will be donated to the Winn Feline Foundation, a non-profit organization which has advanced feline health by supporting research and education since 1968.

Here is another deep discount deal. If you are a multi-litter-box household, but you want to try one Purrified Air filter first, we have a special money-saving deal for you. Buy one filter at the regular price of $119.99. Use it for up to 60 days from date of purchase. If you are as happy with it as we know you will be, come back to this space and enjoy saving 15 to 21 percent off the regular price on up to four more filters. Want to go in with friends and enjoy savings on a few more units? That's A-OK with us. Remember: You have to act within 60 days of initial purchase. 

The filter media cartridge generally lasts about four to seven months, depending on usage. Refills are available here or from your dealer. Cartridges arrive in an airtight, sealed plastic bag. They will remain fresh and uncontaminated by ambient air until you open the bag and install it in the filter. This allows you to have an extra cartridge ready to be installed without concern that it may lose potency over time. Getting two at once will also save you $10.00. We save almost all of that on shipping, so we thought why not pass that along to our customers.

The contents of the cartridge are mostly organic. To dispose of an expired cartridge, simply cut it open and place the materials in your garden, fire pit, yard waste bin, or garbage can. The screen is fiberglass and the filter pad is polyester. Your recycler may take these items.



If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason you have 30 days to return it in good condition for a full refund. Liability shall be limited to repair or replacement of defective parts at the manufacturer's discretion. This warranty does not cover products which become defective through neglect or misuse.


The Purrified Air pet odor filter is guaranteed to be free from manufacturer defects for one year from the date of purchase. This includes all components except the fan. THE FAN IS GUARANTEED FOR AS LONG AS YOU OWN THE PRODUCT. The fans we use, by the way, are rated for 50,000 hours of service. That's just under six years. If the fan stops working, ever, you send us the top half of the filter case which contains the fan and we will replace it free. You pay the postage to us. We pay for the return trip.