About Purrified Air

Hi, I'm Bob Gordon, founder of Purrified Air.

I am writing from our world headquarters. Otherwise known as my garage. The accompanying photos will show you around the factory floor.

I have been a plastic fabricator for a few decades in the Seattle area. Back in the late '90s early '00s I ran a business called Flying Fish Aquariums. We made all manner of acrylic aquariums from tiny beta bowls to 1000 gallon fun shapes for deep pocketed imagineers. Google “Dale Chihuly's bath tub” to see some of our work.

Along the way, we made an air filter to counteract some of the fumes we were exposed to. It worked well enough that we actually sold a few to other shops that also worked with Volatile Organic Compounds.

Fast forward a couple years ago. A friend asked if I had ever thought to take my skills with plastic and air filtration and apply them to the pernicious problem of cat litter box odor. I thought this was not a bad idea.

I looked into the market. There were a couple products. I knew they couldn't work well because they simply didn't have enough filter media or a strong enough fan. How do I know that? I bought them and took them apart. Our design has 30-100 times the filter media (more than two pounds) and a more powerful (but quiet) fan than any competitor.

I figured if I was going to set up an operation to compete in this market, it had to meet certain requirements: 1. It had to be as Made-in-America as feasible. 2. Employees had to be paid a living wage (as in, they shouldn't need your tax dollars for benefits just to get by). 3. If it can all be done in my garage and basement then maybe I could wear slippers all day.

So here we are: The plastic materials for the outer case, the activated carbon,  the zeolite, and the box are all produced in America. The electronics are from China. The catechin in the filter pad is from India and China. The negative ionic balls are from various Asian countries.

The filter media cartridge contents are recyclable in your garden or yard waste container.

The product is crafted in America. My bookkeeper lives down the street. It is delivered by bedrock American enterprises like UPS and the U.S. Postal Service.

This website is hosted by a nice Canadian company called Shopify.


I'm on my third pair of slippers.

Another one in the box.

Now, go get Purrified Air.