Solid-Top and Dome-Shaped Boxes

Pet Safe and other Solid-tops

The best of both worlds: How to combine the convenience of the Pet Safe automatic “ScoopFree” self-cleaning litter box with the odor control of the Purrified Air litter box air filter.

Several owners of the Pet Safe self cleaning litter box have pointed out to us that the hood over the box has no vent, and therefore they could not use the Purrified Air filter. We came up with a solution. You can easily cut a vent opening in the hood, set the filter on top and you are in business. Here’s how:

Adapting Pet Safe Scoop Free automatic self cleaning litter box for Purrified Air litter box air filter

Or, if you prefer, here is the video version with that same sexy devil.
video link

If you have a dome-shaped litter box such as the Booda or Petmate brands we have you covered with our special adapter, shown below.

Dome Adapters 

Dome Adapters come with a rubber seal and hook and loop fasteners to ensure a reliable connection.


 Dome litter box Purrified Air filter adapter


For smaller litter boxes, the Model AC has a cutout to meet the curve of the center entryway. Larger models with stairs can use the Model AR—no cutout required. You may need to remove the top handle piece in the cover.


These adapters are easy to install, add minimal height to your litter box, and ensure that your domed litter box can take full advantage of our revolutionary air filter.