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The Best Air Purifier For Cats, Ferrets and Bathrooms

Updated 9-5-2020

We've been developing for years the best air purifier for cat litter boxes, ferret cages, and even bathrooms and pet transport vehicles. In addition to placing it on or over a litter box, the air purifier, Purrified Air, works great in any big or small room like your bathroom. For pets, smoke or any smell.

Unlike other air purifiers, using ours does not require you to get a new litter box, thanks to our easy to mount system. We know how hard it can be to find the right litter box for your cat(s) and for you. We don't want you to have to risk that. Plus it is almost silent so you won't notice it. Mobile homes, pet transport vehicles, and family athlete transport vehicles all can benefit from Purrified Air.

This air purifier is designed to help you avoid health issues and diseases that could happen because of indoor contaminated air, mold spores, pet hair, dander, allergens, dust, pollutants, other micro-organisms, microscopic particles small as microns in size and larger particles.

A giant 2.2 pound filter media cartridge is where the magic happens. It is filled with a proprietary blend of activated carbon, zeolite, negative ion ceramic balls and catechin (Google the term "catechin air filtration." You will be amazed. Based on a test conducted June 6, 2020 of several competitors, that's 22 to 94 times the filter media used by three competitors. Improve the health of your respiratory system, if you are an allergy sufferer, or just because you don't like bad smells.

Eliminate pet smells, allergens, pet hair and pet dander from room air.


Our air cleaner is designed for always on mode, to ensure continuous clean air. As long as pet waste is in the litter box odor is being generated. But our fan speed control and on/off switch give you the control.


Made in the U.S.A. with materials from the U.S. and several other countries.

New for 2020, more power, more control, new color.

Comparison of filter media quantity between Purrified Air and several competitors.

Save yourself this McGiver madness


The human nose can detect pet waste odor at about 2-3 parts per million in your home's air. A home with severe pet waste smells will clock in at 5-10 parts per million. Our tests show our air purifier reduces those volumes to less than one part per million in the room containing the filter and 0-1 inside the covered litter box.

Helps eliminate allergens including pet danderdust mites, and pollen.

We also treat our filter pads with a substance called catechin. It is derived from green tea and has both antimicrobial properties and odor killing capabilities. Google: "catechin air filtration," to learn what amazing stuff it is.

Some of the many covered litter boxes that can be used with the Purrified Air filter.


Our pet air purifier is highly adaptable. It is designed to attach over the top vents of most generally flat-topped covered litter boxes. An adapter is available for domed-shaped covers. And with our new bracket, it can attach to the wall above an open litter box, or sit on a flat surface. We use industrial-grade Velcro brand hook and loop attachment system to assure a strong fit that is also removable for occasional cleaning.

Another technology we use for air purification is negative ion ceramic balls. It works similarly to activated carbon in that it also adsorbs odor, allergens, micro-organisms. Plus it adds negative ions to your air which further work to clear the air of pollen, mold spores, bacteria, viruses dust, pet dander and cigarette smoke.


Based on testing, the filter media cartridges last 4-7 months, sometimes longer, depending on level of use. Options are to purchase replacements from us or from a retailer. Cartridges are in an airtight, sealed bag. They remain fresh and uncontaminated by ambient air until opened. At the beginning, until you have established how long the cartridge is effective in your environment, we recommend getting an extra so you can replace it as soon as required and get some time savings.  Purchasing multiple cartridges at once offers substantial discounts. They retain potency until used.

"When we say the filter has five stages we mean, First dust is filtered by a prefilter pad. Second, the filter pad is also treated with catechin, then air is scrubbed by a 2-inch thick, 2.2 pound propriety mixture of (3) activated carbon, (4) zeolite and (5) negative-ion ceramic balls"


Our pet air purifier is highly adaptable. It is designed to attach over the top vents of most generally flat-topped covered litter boxes. An adapter is available for domed-shaped covers. And with our new bracket, it can attach to the wall above an open litter box, or sit on a flat surface. We use a high-strength hook and loop attachment system to assure a strong fit that is also removable for occasional cleaning.


Our new combination of a wall-mount bracket and table-top cradle opens up many new uses for our air filter. With the right dimensions to fit mostly anywhere in your house, like your litter boxes, ferret cages, or in a bathroom or kitchen (useful also for smoke).

Designed for always-on, forced-air mode to guarantee clean air.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this air purifier using HEPA filters?

No. HEPA filters are OK for some particles like tiny dust, smoke, and certain mold spores, bacteria, allergens and the like, but not good for odor. Our filter works for all of this, AND for bad smells.

Odor particles such as hydrogen sulfide (poop smell), ammonia (urine smell) and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are much smaller still, so HEPA filtration does not work for those.

Activated carbon, Zeolite and negative-ion ceramic balls capture odor in tiny pores through a sort of magnetic attraction called adsorption (as distinct from absorption) Significantly, given the large, 2.2 pound volume of filter media, and forced air, Purrified Air will work much longer and harder than mere foam pads impregnated with a small amount of carbon or zeolite.

Why is the Purrified Air filter designed to be on all the time?

Any time there is pet waste in your litter box or cage, odor is being generated. By being ON all the time, we make sure your air is clean and allergens, dander and smell is eliminated. The fan speed control allows adjustment for degree of odor control needed and noise level.

Can I use the filter for more than just pets?

The product is designed to eliminate all Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that pass through it. A basic definition of VOCs is things that smell. Any household odors from cooking, bathrooms, garbage, strong cleaning chemicals, smoke, and fire places will be greatly reduced by placing the filter in the vicinity. Our new combination wall-mount bracket and table-top cradle makes this easy and effective.

Does using the Purrified Air filter mean I don't have to clean my litter box as often?

We won't tell if you don't.

What are the dimensions of the filter?

It measures 9-3/8" x 9-3/8" x 4-1/4" tall. When placing under a table, counter, or other furniture, you must leave a minimum of 1.5 inches above the filter clear to allow an open path for the clean air exiting the filter.

Why is this filter heavier than other filters?

Mass matters. The volume of filter media has a direct bearing on how much odor a filter can remove and for how long. The other factor is how much air the media comes in contact with. Obviously, a more powerful fan will move more air through the filter media.  This unit has 2.2 pounds (one kilogram) of media, giving it the ability to destroy strong odor for several months. This is up to 94 times the odor-destroying power of other products on the market.

How do I know when it is time to reorder a media cartridge?

Depending on how heavily the litter box is used, cartridges are designed to last 4-7 months. You can let your nose be your guide. Or perhaps a visitor to your home may be a better judge as it is easy to become used to odors in one's own home.

After I installed my Purrified Air filter, I noticed there are gaps between the filter and the top of my litter box. Does this mean odor is escaping the filtration system?

No. The fan is designed to pull in all air from the area of the litter box.

I love my Purrified Air filter and I want to get a second one. Is there a discount if I buy more than one?

Yes. If you buy any additional filters within 60 days of your original purchase, you will receive a discount of from 15 to 21 percent, depending on quantity, for additional units. Save money with our discounts.