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The Best Air Purifier for Pets

Tired of trying things that don't work? Our Reviews:

NO ODOR - Makes living with cats so much better! - I'm astonished by how effective this product is! - 2 cats no issues!

- Totally worth it !!

Perfect to prevent allergies and eliminate smells

Air Purifier for pets

Reduces all forms of cat waste odor to undetectable levels

The human nose can detect pet waste odor at about 2-3 parts per million. A home with severe cat waste odor will clock in at 5-10 parts per million. Our tests show the Purrified Air filter reduces volumes to less than one part per million in the room containing the filter and 0-1 inside the covered litter box.

New bracket opens new possibilities

Fits just about any litter box

Combines several odor destroying technologies

Designed for always-on, forced-air mode to assure continuous odorless air

Cat waste never stops stinking so the Purrified Air filter never stops working. The ultra quiet and powerful fan is designed for continuous, low-cost operation.

Easy-to-replace cartridges last 4-7 months

Great with ferret cages, too