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You can spend less on a litter box air filter, but you will be disappointed. You can spend more, but you will add losing more cash to your disappointment.

We've spent several years developing and improving the best air purifier for cat litter boxes, ferret cages, and even bathrooms, baby nurseries, RVs, and pet transport vehicles. In addition to placing it on or over a litter box, the air purifier, Purrified Air, works great in any big or small room like your bathroom.
For pets, smoke or any smell.
Unlike other litter box air purifiers, ours does not require you to get a new litter box, thanks to our easy-mount system. We know how hard it can be to find the right litter box for your cat(s) and for you. We don't want you to have to risk that. Plus it is almost silent so you won't notice it. Ferret cages, mobile homes, pet transport vehicles, and baby nurseries all can benefit from Purrified Air.


Purrified Air Filter
Nothing is more effective against cat odor than Purrified Air. It combines several proven (new and established) odor-destroying technologies, specifically targeted to pet odor, allergens and pet dander.

Our massive filter media pack contains 2.2 pounds of our proprietary blend of filter media targeted specifically at pet odor, dander, and allergens. Our powerful but quite fan is rated at 80 cubic feet per minute (CFM) under no load. It moves 53 CFM of air through our 2" thick filter media pack. This is vastly more air flow and filter media than any competitor. And in this game, more is definitely better.

30 day money back guarantee. Fan replaced free if it EVER fails.

Free shipping in United States. 76 percent of orders shipped same business day we get your order. 91 percent shipped same or next business day. Weekend orders shipped following Monday.

Adaptability to YOUR setup is what Purrified Air is all about

There are many types of litter box setups: Open tray, covered flat top, covered dome top, self cleaning, and ferret cages. We have worked hard to make Purrified Air the solution to litter box odor in virtually any type of setup.


Also Great for ferrets


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The human nose can detect pet waste odor at about 2-3 parts per million in your home's air. A home with severe pet waste smells will clock in at 5-10 parts per million. Our tests show our air purifier reduces those volumes to less than one part per million in the room containing the filter and 0-1 inside the covered litter box.

Helps eliminate allergens including pet danderdust mites, and pollen.
We also treat our filter pads with a substance called catechin. It is derived from green tea and has both antimicrobial properties and odor killing capabilities.



Based on testing, filter media packs last 4-7 months, sometimes longer, depending on level of use. Options are to purchase replacements from us or from a retailer. Media Packs are in an airtight, sealed bag. They remain fresh and uncontaminated by ambient air until opened. At the beginning, until you have established how long the cartridge is effective in your environment, we recommend getting an extra so you can replace it as soon as required and get some time savings.  Purchasing multiple cartridges at once offers substantial discounts. They retain potency until used. You can subscribe to regular deliveries from every one to 24 months.


Purrified Air takes the competition to the mat

The competition that isn't

Odor from cat waste is primarily from one chemical in urine — ammonia — and three in feces: methyl mercaptan, skatole, and hydrogen sulfide. Different filter media is required to remove them from household air. Zeolite is very good at removing ammonia odor. Huge quantities are used in livestock farming buildings to reduce ammonia odor there. Activated carbon is a poor ammonia remover. However, it excels at removing feces odor. While both urine and feces contribute to litter box odor, the ammonia in urine is the bigger contributor.

Not only is it important to choose the correct filter media for a pet odor air purifier, but also key is to find one with a sufficient quantity of media and optimal air flow through it. In general terms, for both, more is better.

During several days in November of 2020, deep in the bowels of the Purrified Air Lair we compared our product with a few others on the market. The takeaway: Purrified Air has from 6 to 90 times the filter media, and 11 to 54 times the air flow of the tested competition.

Two of the products, Kitty Vac and Purr-Fect-Air, used no zeolite, only activated carbon, making them virtually useless against ammonia.

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The tale of the table

1. Miles Per Hour (MPH) of air exiting filter as tested with the Proster digital anemometer, model MS6252A.

2. MPH combined with Exit Vent Size yields Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) of filtered air from calculation tools at

3. Purrified Air uses a proprietary blend of zeolite, activated carbon, catechin and negative ion ceramic balls. The latter two ingredients are included as they not only help remove odor, but also potentially harmful mold spores and micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses.

4. The Kitty Vac filter media cartridge consists of a hard plastic case whose contents appeared to be entirely activated carbon.

5. The Purr-Fect-Air filter media appeared to be activated carbon impregnated foam filter pads.

6. The Purr-Ifier filter media appeared to be activated carbon impregnated filter pad which encased a plastic honeycomb substrate supporting a layer of activated carbon and zeolite. We were not able to determine what portion of the total 1.6 ounce weight was taken up by the plastic honey comb.

7. We were not able to evaluate a whole Bio Strike Poof unit. We evaluated a filter media cartridge. It appeared to consist of foam filter pads impregnated with activated carbon and zeolite.

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Things got dicey at the weigh in

Whether its volume of filter media, choice of filter media or ability to move a large volume of air through the filter media, the competition came up short.

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Purrified Air unboxing and setup.