Covered litter box or open litter tray? The issue is not open or closed.

mallory and litter boxes

Because of Purrified Air's broad adaptability to all types of cat litter boxes, we, mercifully can remain neutral in the debate that pits open litter box partisans against covered litter box devotees. However, we felt it may be useful to cat havers everywhere to attempt to resolve this issue, or at least shed some light on it.

We challenged Mallory, over at, to see if she might be able to dig into this odious issue at a granular level and give us the scoop. Fortunately, she was more than up to the challenge. She cited current research and expert opinion. But she did much more than that. She also asked her cats.

She did this by providing the two felines with a choice of boxes and employment of a surveillance system to see if any patterns of preference emerged.

Click here to she what she found.

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