Special Low Shipping Rates for Some Products to Canada and the United Kingdom

New, lower shipping rates are available for some products going to Canada and the UK. Shipping is included in the price for this collection of products.

This applies to shipments that weigh a maximum of four pounds. We have put together all individual products and combined product sets that are eligible. The savings are considerable. 

The program is called "Simple Export Rates."  It operates through the United States Postal Service. These rates are the lowest we have seen. Also, unlike with UPS and DHL, there are no additional duties or "Customs Brokerage" fees. In other words, no rude surprises that more money is due over and above what you already paid for shipping, except possibly local taxes.

Eligible products and shipping rates.

all prods with special rates to canada and uk

If you want to compare with rates are for heavier packages, go to the "All Products" pages HERE and put a product heavier than four pounds -- such as a Discount Group A --  in the check out and see what shipping is. 

We do recommend that when it comes time to order refill filter media packs that you get a quantity of two to four. This greatly reduces shipping cost per each pack, regardless of total weight, plus you also get quantity discounts. The sealed packs retain potency for many years, until opened. 

All prices in U.S. Dollars. 

At a Glance: Product Costs and Special Shipping Rates to Canada and the UK for Items up to 4 Pounds. Prices shown in U.S. Dollars.

  Shipping to Canada Shipping to UK Product Price Product and shipping Canada Product and shipping UK
Filter $28.00 $37.00 $159.99 $187.99 $196.99
Media Pack $20.00 $28.00 $42.99 $62.99 $70.99
Wall Bracket $10.00 $17.00 $34.99 $44.99 $51.99
Overhead Bracket $10.00 $13.00 $22.99 $32.99 $35.99
Media Pack & Wall Bracket $30.00 $37.00 $78.98 $108.98 $115.98
Media Pack & Overhead Mount Bracket $30.00 $40.00 $66.98 $96.98 $103.98


1 product

1 product