To vent or not to vent

Our hats are off to those intrepid DIYers who aren’t afraid to McGiver an unattractive mess, sometimes with big holes in walls, for the noble cause of piping litter box odor directly out of one's home. Pinterest and are filled with examples.

vented litter box

But before you engage is such escapades do yourself a favor. Call your local utility and ask how much it costs to heat or cool those 30-100 cubic feet of indoor air they blow outdoors each and every minute. Hint: it’s nothing to turn up your nose at.

Let’s do some easy math. Take a home that is 2000 square feet. Multiply that by a standard eight-foot tall ceiling. This yields 16,000 cubic feet. If we use a fan rated at 50 cubic feet of air flow per minute (CFM), times 1440 minutes in a day, we have 72,000 cubic feet – 4.5 times the volume of the home – that is being blown out the window each and every day.

vented litter box

Unless it is your intent to heat or cool your neighborhood, there’s a vastly less expensive and more environmentally friendly way. The Purrified Air Litter Box Air Filter cleans that same 50 CFM (54 actually, but we want to keep the math simple) of litter box odor, along with other household odor and particles that comes its way, such as smoke, cooking odor, cleaning chemicals, harmful Volatile Organic Chemicals, microorganisms, bacteria, virus, dust, pet dander, mold and mildew. And every single cubic foot stays in your home. 

The filter draws one third of an amp. This means that if you leave the filter on 24-7-12-365 and you pay twelve cents per kilowatt hour for your electricity, it will cost you about $4.15 per year in electricity. 

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