Litter Robot and Purrified Air

 A winning combination: The convenience of the Litter Robot automatic litter box and the odor control of the Purrified Air litter box air filter.

Don't take our word for it, customer Kim provided photo and commentary.

"My cat uses a Litter Robot unit where the waste vestibule tray is located at the bottom and the vents are in the front. After two days of not clearing the tray, it gets toxic. I wasn't sure how well the Purrified Air was going to work with this configuration and sent a query to Bob. I was very impressed with his prompt response to all my questions and decided to try it out. After more than a week's trial , I am happy to report that the house no longer smells like a urea factory and that I can stretch out the litter vestibule changes to about once every four days. Thank you Bob and Purrified Air!"

Litter Robot and Purrified Air, convenience meets odor control

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