Wished Purrified Air filters came in a color besides white? You can change that

One of our greatest joys in making and promoting the Purrified Air pet odor filter is when a customer tries or suggests something new we hadn’t already discovered. It was a customer who suggested we punch a Phillips screwdriver indent in our plastic thumb screws to make their operation a bit easier. Another customer suggested a fan speed controller because her cat, at first, was put off by the noise at full speed. (She reported that after a week of gradually raising the speed the cat was fine with full speed.) Yet another suggested the wall bracket for mounting above an open litter box.

Most recently, customer Denice Gray decided to paint her filter a different color. We knew that was possible but just never had the insight to realize it is something some customers would be interested in. We only use white ABS plastic as it is far less expensive and is available in smaller quantities than runs of custom colors, which require large quantity purchases.

Purrified Air filter painted black with comments
Purrified Air litter box air filter painted black

Thanks to Denice, we spent some time learning how to go about painting the filters, for those who would prefer a different color. This post gives you the step-by-step “How to” if you are so inclined.

1. Clean the exterior with rubbing alcohol.

2. Lightly hand sand the exterior with a fine grit sandpaper (300-800 grit).

3. Cover the plug receptacle, and the on light with a spot of masking tape.

4. Remove the speed control knob and cover the shaft with tape.

5. Do the same with the label, or remove it and replace when done. If it tears and you want another, just shoot us an email with a request for another and we will mail you one at no cost.

four colors of painted Purrified Air filters

6. Cover the Velcro pads with masking tape.

7. Open the filter.

8. Set aside the filter media cartridge and the thumbscrews.

9. Unscrew the fan, using a Phillips screwdriver and a nut driver or a pliers. Be careful not to stress the wires.

10. Set the internal grate aside.

11. Carefully slide a zip lock sandwich bag around the fan.

12. Set both halves on newspaper or drop cloth, outside facing up.

13. Use a solvent-based spray paint such as Krylon or Rust-oleum. Avoid water-based latex products.

14. Follow directions on the can. It may require more than one coat. To make sure all the side edges of the intake (bottom) and exhaust (top) vents get painted, come at the top from all four sides at about a 45 degree angle from 8-12 inches with quick sprays into the vents.

15. Reassemble when dry.

16. Send a good photo(s) to purrifiedair@gmail.com and we will send you a free replacement filter cartridge.


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