How to use Purrified Air with a Pet Safe automatic “ScoopFree” self-cleaning litter box

The best of both worlds: How to combine the convenience of the Pet Safe automatic “ScoopFree” self-cleaning litter box with the odor control of the Purrified Air litter box air filter.

Several owners of the Pet Safe self cleaning litter box have pointed out to us that the hood over the box has no vent, and therefore they could not use the Purrified Air filter. We came up with a solution. You can easily cut a vent opening in the hood, set the filter on top and you are in business. Here’s how:

Step 1: Cut 5-1/2" square template out of a piece of graph paper.

Step 2: Transfer square to top-center of hood with marker.

Step 3: Cut out square. The easiest way is with a jig saw (shown). You can also use a tin snips, hack saw blade, sheet rock hand saw, or other thin blade.

Step 4: Clean edges (if rough) with file or sand paper.

Pet Safe Scoop Free self cleaning litter box and Purrified Air


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