Purrified Air Wall Bracket & Table Top Holder

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Our Purrified Air Wall Bracket & Table Top Holder cradles filter on wall above open litter box, allows use as room air filter on a table top, or in a vehicle, such as a pet transfer van or a mobile home. Let's face it, this product is seriously over-engineered. While it tackles pet odor with ease, it is robust enough to handle many other kinds of household odor. This bracket accomplishes the following:

  • Cat households with open litter boxes can now easily wall-mount the filter above the box.
  • If you have a large cabinet-style litter box enclosure, the bracket allows mounting inside.
  • For Litter Robot and other self cleaning litter boxes, the bracket permits installation above or nearby.
  • In a baby nursery, the bracket allows easy placement near the diaper pail, while also providing soothing white noise.
  • For recreational vehicles, along with our "Mobile Kit," the bracket permits total air filtration and odor control in all but the very largest types.
  • When Grandma comes over to make you her fish stew, delicious though it is, you won't have to steal Grandpa's oxygen tank to breathe by setting the filter in the table top holder.
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  • Comes with fastener kit for wall mounting into sheet rock or wood.