What one customer did with four Purrified Air pet odor air filters

Our wonderful customer, Lisa Miller, describes and shows how she uses her four Purrified Air filters is a household of multiple cats and ferrets.

"In the cat room and the ferret room I had tried two other filters and they really didn't seem to make much of an impact. In my bathroom where the ferrets go, the overhead vents seemed to do okay, however, running them 24/7 really isn't energy efficient and I worried about issues with the vent. I first added the Purrified Air filter in the cat room.
Litter boxes, cats, purrified air filter mounted on wall
"It did seem to make some impact and I decided to purchase three more with the discounts. Two of the extra air filters are in the master room and bathroom for the ferrets. My cats and ferrets have their own rooms on the top level of my two-story home. Prior to the filters I could slightly smell the animals on the lower (main level), however, I think with the three Purrified Air filters it's doing a good job to control the odors.

    Purrified Air filter with ferrets and cats

Purrified air filter in bathroom"The fourth Purrified Air filter I purchased for use in our RV. Since we live in MN, our RV is parked for the winter. However, I did take a photo of the cage we have in the RV for the ferrets and where I plan to use it when we go on our trips this summer. I had another air purifier that I had used and don't bring any more because I didn't feel it made much of an impact. So I'm looking forward to using the Purrified Air filter in our RV. The back of our RV is where we have bunks for the kids and the cage for the ferrets."

Purrified Air filter on ferret cage in mobile home. 

Thank you very much, Lisa, for this fine report.

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