How to get rid of cat smell in your house?

Here you will find the most effective solution to get rid of litter box and cat urine smell. Also, you'll learn some useful cleaning tips, so that your house is cat-odor free, with fresh and clean air, as if you didn't have cats.

As you know, litter boxes are cat's toilet and the odors from urine and feces that come out from it aren't the best, actually quite unpleasant and strong.  Litter is commonly granules of bentonite which binds odors well, however, they don't get rid of all the odor.  The fact is that these odor molecules are absorbed in a more effective way by activated carbon.

For a long time, activated carbon has been used as an odor filter of a high absorption capacity. It has been used in air conditioning systems, kitchen extractor hoods, industrial facilities, hospitals, water treatment facilities, nursing homes and in filters that are used inside vehicles. 

Activated carbon is great at removing not only cat litter and cat urine smell, but also VOCs (volatile organic compounds), allergens and pollutants from the air. Is completely natural and it has been previously tested, showing that it doesn't cause any harm to humans and pets.

Some air purifiers are good trapping larger particles, but not specifically odors or volatile compounds. 

The one that will best work to resolve this issue, should use activated carbon and zeolite at the very least. Zeolite is particularly effective against ammonia, the odor-causing component of urine. Activated carbon works on odors from feces. There are other important elements also.

Purrified Air Purifiers are the perfect solution for this common problem. 

How do they look and where can they be placed?

They look like small boxes that can be easily attached to most covered and open cat litter boxes. They can be mounted against the wall with wall brackets for open litter trays. There are also table top holders to put the Purrified Air purifier on top of a counter or table. 

What do they contain?

The internal cartridge has a filter pad, pre-treated with “catechin,” (contained in green tea leaves with antibacterial effects), activated carbon, zeolites and negative-ion ceramic balls.

Are they harmful?

No, they’re not. All the components used in Purriedair Air Purifiers, which were previously tested, are natural and eco-friendly. They do not cause any harm to humans, pets or the environment. They do not use or emit any dangerous ozone. 

What do they do?

They will SIGNIFICANTLY reduce:

  • Litter box odor, cat urine odor and any cat related smell (it works for any small pet environment such as ferret cage, hamster or Guinea pig home.)
  • Smoke, second hand smoke (from cigarettes), burned oil/food, pollutants, hazardous gases
  • Dust, dust mites, pollen, mold spores and other type of allergens

How do they work?

  1. A filter pad first blocks dust from kicked-up litter from obstructing others subsequent stages and from escaping the litter box
  1. Air is scrubbed through a 2-inch thick filter bed containing 2.2 pounds of activated carbon, zeolite and negative-ion ceramic balls
  1. The powerful but quiet fan captures all the smelly air in the litter box and pulls it through the filter cartridge, to finally force it to go out through the top.

How to order new cartridges?

You can order new cartridges on or from Amazon. 

Summarizing, these are the PROS and CONS:


  • All the products used in this filter are natural
  • For pet, household and vehicle
  • Significantly reduces litter box and cat urine smell
  • Quiet fan
  • Fits easily on most litter boxes
  • Not harmful 
  • Very effective at reducing VOCs, pollutants and allergens
  • Uses 2.4 watts (minimal cost)
  • 1 year warranty
  • filters last from 4 - 7 months (cost-effective)
  • The fan is rated to work a minimum of 60,000 hours (almost seven years). It is guaranteed for as long as you own the product. If it ever fails, send the top half of the filter, containing the fan back to us and we will replace it free.


  • Filter media cartridges need to be periodically replaced
  • Filters are a bit pricey 

As you can see, there are a lot more Pros than Cons and overall, it is an affordable and a great option for your furry lovely creatures and for yourself! 

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