Do air purifiers help with smoke?

Yes, some of them do. As you know, there is a wide variety of types of Air Purifiers on the market today, ranging from Air-To-Air Exchangers, Central Air Cleaners, Activated Carbon Air Purifiers to Ultraviolet Air Purifiers and more. 

When it comes to removing smoke, fumes, gasses, second hand smoke and even pet odors,  Activated Carbon Air Purifiers are very effective. Our high-quality Purrifiedair Air Purifiers are very good with this. 

They come with a replaceable 2.2 pound activated carbon filter media cartridge, which is excellent to remove any type of smoke (including from cigarettes), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gaseous pollutants, odors, contaminants and allergens from the air.  

Activated carbon is extremely porous and cavernous, which effectively helps with the process of "adsorbing" regular smoke, second hand smoke, harmful pollutants and allergens, much more than traditional carbon. 

If you live with a smoker or have occasional visits from people who smoke, which is still very harmful to your health, you will highly benefit from this air purifier. 

This is how it works:

  1. The air gets into the air purifier
  2. Dust is filtered by a special pre-filter pad
  3. Air goes through the activated carbon 
  4. The "adsorption" process takes place
  5. It leaves the filter clean and free of contaminants

In case you are wondering what "adsorption" is, it's when the organic compounds that are found in the air or water, chemically react with the activated carbon with sort of a magnetic action, causing them to adhere to it.

Purrified Air Air Purifiers are precisely useful when it comes to eliminating smoke, as activated carbon traps gas molecules, while other filters like HEPA, mostly filter pollution particles from the air, but can't get rid of strong odors and harmful gases. 

It is worth mentioning that our Air Purifiers are very complete, as they will get rid of any type of smoke and will also significantly reduce dust, pollen, mold spores, dust mites, pet dander, pet hair and pet odors.

The filter pads that we use are treated with "catechin," a substance that comes from green tea, with powerful odor eliminating qualities and antimicrobial properties. The filter media cartridges last from 4 to 7 months depending on the level of use, which is a considerable advantage, compared to other competitors. 

If you are thinking about getting a compact, easy-to-use and effective Air Purifier to help someone with allergies, to get rid of second hand smoke or to eliminate pet odor, for an affordable and good price, try Purrified Air Air Purifier and see it for yourself!

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