Can a cat live in an apartment?

The short answer to this question is Yes, for sure! 

Perhaps you think that a cat could not feel comfortable in an apartment because the space is smaller and there is no garden. In case you might have thought about this, let me tell you that your cat's happiness and stability doesn’t depend on the size of your apartment. It doesn’t depend on whether you have an outdoor area or not, or if the litter box is brand new. 

If you provide them with food, water, some space where they can explore and play, and most of all, you give them some attention and love, they will be very happy cats!

Now let's get into some important details so that you can adapt your life, to live with your furry and lovely partner in your apartment.

ODOR CONTROL Let's face it, cats can present an odor problem. First off, apartment cats are typically indoor cats. This means they will use the litter box each and every time (we hope). The smaller the apartment, the more concentrated odor can become. In addition to regular litter box cleanings, you may want to consider a good litter box air purifier, such as the Purrified Air litter box air filter.

USE BIODEGRADABLE LITTER (Cats like it and is good for our environment!): There are many types of cat's litter that are biodegradable, such as corn, grass seed, newspaper, wheat, wood and others. Do some tests first to see which one your cat likes so that which one he likes and if it's the right one for you as well. Avoid using clay and crystal litters as they don't degrade and affect our ecosystem.

YOU NEED A LITTER BOX (Long lasting): You will need a box to place the litter where your cat will leave its poop and urine. Don't stress about getting the fancier litter box, it will not be necessary. Buy a regular box made of a durable material so that it lasts, so you don't have to keep replacing it. Avoid getting recycled paper litter boxes, as you will have to keep buying and replacing, plus it's not good for our planet.

To better ensure that the odor is reduced and that your cat has more space to leave his waste, we recommend that you purchase 2 litter boxes per cat.

GET A FEW TOYS (To play-with-you and play-alone):

It’s important that you have some cat toys so that you can play with him when you are home and some play-alone when you aren't in your apartment or don't have much time. 

If you have some already, that's fine and if you don't own any, you don't need to buy expensive toys, they can be things that you have as household items.  These are some examples of simple things you can find around your home that cats love playing with: paper bags (make sure to cut off the handles), ping-pong balls, plastic bottles, laundry baskets, cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, suitcases, leaves, stuffed animals and more. 

If you are in your apartment and want to play with your cat with something more elaborate, you could get one of those sticks that have feathers on the end to activate their feline instinct.  You only need a few things, and your cute furry will love playing with you!

ENSURE THEY ARE LOVED (Humans need love and cats too!) Obviously, you will not always be able to be in your apartment, so it is essential to make the most of your time when you are there. 

When you are home, make some time for your furry. Interact with your cat using some household items and create a passage with some cardboard boxes. Or, you can also stimulate their instinctual behavior using a prey toy.

If you don't have much time to play that day, pet your kitty and make sure that he or she feels loved. You’ll notice that your furry feels happy!

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