The Mobile Kit from Purrified Air

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Take Purrified Air for a ride in your mobile home, RV, pet transfer van, mobile pet grooming van, or family vehicle.

The enclosed space of a recreation vehicle presents a unique problem when you travel with cats. No matter how often you clean the box, it is sometimes hard to escape the odor. The Purrified Air filter is powerful enough (purifying 53 cubic feet per minute) to filter the entire interior air volume of a small to medium size RV at least twice an hour.

In an RV the filter will greatly improve overall air quality, reducing pet dander, allergens, bacteria and other microorganisms, and cooking, mildew and bathroom odor. The Purrified Air Mobile Kit includes everything you need to breathe clean while driving.



  • One complete Purrified Air filter with filter media cartridge.
  • One wall mount bracket with fastener kit.
  • One cigarette lighter 12 volt power cable.
  • One 110 volt plug-in power supply.  
  • One right-size bungee cord to secure filter to wall mount bracket.

You will need to find a spot to mount the bracket on the wall, or use Velcro (R) hook and loop fastener to mount to flat surface.  The filter runs on 12 volts DC. It draws 300 milliamps and 3.6 watts. 


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