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  • You can spend less on a litter box air filter than the Purrified Air Litter Box Air Purifier, but you will be disappointed. You can spend more, but you will be adding a loss of more money to your disappointment.
  • Nothing is more effective against cat odor than the Purrified Air Litter Box Air Purifier. Our Air Filter combines several proven (new and established) odor-destroying technologies, specifically targeted to pet odor, allergens and pet dander.
  • 30 day money back guarantee. Fan replaced free if it EVER fails.
  • Fits all types of litter boxes and cages, covered or open. Flat top or domed.
  • Air movement through the filter allows litter to dry faster and last longer.
  • Filter media cartridges contain 2.2 pounds (one kilogram) of an odor destroying proprietary mix of carbon, zeolite, catechin and negative ion ceramic balls which lasts 4 to 7 months. (See full "Deep Dive" description of our five-phase filtration system below.) Based on our weight comparisons this is 6 to 90 times more than competitors. (See photo on this page of test results.) 
  • Designed for always-on operation. Consumes 3.6 watts at full speed. At 10 cents per kilowatt hour will cost $3.15 per year to operate in always-on mode.
  • Fan speed adjustment from 0-2,300 rpm.
  • Works also as a room air filter for bathrooms, kitchens and garages.
  • Dimensions: 9-3/8 inch x 9-3/8 inch x 4-1/4 inch tall.
  • Free Shipping in United States. All Canadian orders will be credited $15 after funds clear to offset some shipping costs.
  • Made in the U.S.A. by Purrified Air, from American and international parts.

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    Purrified Air is a Product Pick from Animal Wellness Magazine for 2020 for "Recognizing Superior Quality in Promoting the Wellness of Animals." We're not going to argue.

    Purrified Air is recognized by Animal Wellness as a Product Pick for "Superior Quality in Promoting the Wellness of Animals.


    The deep dive:

    The Purrified Air litter box air filter employs five-stage air filtration, using a combination cutting-edge and tried-and-true technologies.

    Stage one: a filter pad blocks dust from kicked-up litter from clogging later media stages and from escaping the litter box. Stage two: The filter pad is treated with a natural chemical called catechin. It is derived from green tea and is effective against microorganisms.

    Fun fact: You don't get green tea in a sushi restaurant just because it tastes good. Catechin, a natural chemical in green tea, is also known to kill microorganisms like bacteria which can be on raw seafood, preventing illness.

    Catechin is also effective in removing odor-causing and illness-causing microorganisms in the air. When weaponized by air filtration systems, catechin becomes an important phase of the Purrified Air Five Phase filtration system. Here is what the Mitsubishi company says about the catechin used in its air conditioner pre-filters:

    "Catechin filters get their name from a naturally occurring bioflavonoid found in green tea that has been used in traditional medicine since ancient times. Catechin — which has antiviral and antibacterial properties — is infused into every molecule of these filters, which enables them to strip the passing air of odor-causing pollutants such as tobacco smoke and pet smells. An equally important benefit is that they trap and deactivate microscopic bacteria and viruses, which can diminish or prevent the spread of some diseases."

    Stages three-five: A proprietary blend of 2.2 pounds (one Kilogram) -- 6 to 90 times more filter media than our three major competitors use* -- consisting of (Stage three) activated carbon, (Stage four) zeolite and (Stage five) negative ion ceramic balls. Activated carbon, in the right quantity and with the right air flow through it removes many VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as those found in cat waste. Additionally, zeolite is particularly effective against the odor-causing ammonia in cat urine. Negative Ionic ceramic balls are used because of their effectiveness in killing odor-causing bacteria.

    Does not use Ozone. Most Effective, Powerful, Adaptable and Quiet. Plus, lifetime guarantee on fan.

    * This finding is based on tests conducted November 2020, our filter media cartridge contains 6-90 times the filter media used by our competition. See accompanying photo for details.

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