Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions Video (Written instructions below)

Thank you for purchasing a Purrified Air, the best air purifier for pets. Whether you keep your cat's litter box at an obsessive-compulsive level of pristine purity at all times, or several degrees less than that, any problem you have in your home with litter box odor will be eliminated with this product.


Purrified Air is designed to be attached to the top of covered-style litter boxes, over the existing vents. Great care has been taken to assure that our attachment system is adaptable to the vast majority of commonly-available covered litter boxes.


1. Remove and dispose of any existing filter pad in the litter box vents. An internal prefilter pad in our unit will trap dust your cat may kick up before the air enters the purification media.


2. Clean the top of the litter box cover before applying the hook and loop pads with a strong cleaner such as rubbing alcohol, ammonia-based window cleaner, ammonia, or Formula 409 to ensure good adhesion.


3. Remove the protective cover on the hook and loop pads, exposing the adhesive.


4. Press the unit down firmly, centered over the top vents of the litter box. Don't be concerned if some of the litter box vents remain uncovered. The fan is strong enough to pull in all air from the litter box. Try not to pull up on the hook and loop pads for 24 hours as the adhesive takes that time to achieve maximum strength.


5. Remove the filter media cartridge from its airtight wrapping to activate filter media. Make sure the side with the prefilter pad is facing down. Place in the bottom of the unit. 


6. Use the two supplied thumb screws to secure the top to the bottom. Turn until snug to eliminate air gaps between the two pieces.


7. If placing under furniture, make sure there is at least 1.5 inches of clearance above the filter for proper air flow.


8. Plug in. Within an hour, you should notice a large improvement. The unit is designed for continuous use. To be effective, it should be left on any time there may be waste in the litter box.


The filter draws about 3 watts. The cost to operate is minimal. The fan is rated for a minimum of 50,000 hours continuous use, or 5.7 years. The included cartridge is designed to last four to six months, depending on load. New cartridges are available from our website, or your dealer. By enrolling in our automatic refill program you will receive a ten percent discount.


You have the option of deciding any number of months from one to twelve you would like a new cartridge delivered to you.


If you are having difficulty getting a good placement on your litter box, we might be able to help. Email us at with a description and a photograph of what you are up against.


Wall-mount bracket attachment


If attaching to a sheet-rock wall, use the supplied screws and anchors. It is best to set with a level. If you don't have a level, measuring off the floor the same distance to both the right and left sides of the bracket should get you pretty close.


Spent Cartridge Disposal


The contents of the cartridge are mostly organic. To dispose of an expired cartridge, simply cut it open and place the materials in your garden, fire pit, yard waste bin, or garbage can.




The Purrified Air litter box odor killer is warranted for one year from date of purchase to be free from manufacturer defects. Liability shall be limited to repair or replacement of defective parts at the manufacturer's discretion. This warranty does not cover products which become defective through neglect or misuse.