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  • Nothing is more effective against cat odor that Purrified Air. Our Air Filter combines several proven (new and established) odor-destroying technologies, specifically targeted to pet odor, allergens and pet dander.
  • New for 2020: Even more powerful fan, on/off switch, speed control, now comes in white. More value, same price.
  • 30 day money back guarantee. Fan replaced free if it EVER fails.
  • Fits all types of litter boxes and cages, covered or open. Flat top or domed.
  • Air movement through the filter allows litter to dry faster and last longer.
  • Filter media cartridges contain 2.2 pounds (one kilogram) of an odor destroying proprietary mix of carbon, zeolite, catechin and negative ion ceramic balls which lasts 4 to 7 months. Based on our weight comparisons this is 22 to 94 times more than competitors. (See attached photo of test results.)
  • Works also as a room air filter for bathrooms, kitchens and garages.
  • Dimensions: 9-3/8 inch x 9-3/8 inch x 4-1/4 inch tall.
  • Free Shipping in United States. Discounted to Canada and Mexico. We will credit all Canadian and Mexican orders of $100 or more $15.00 US to make up for some shipping costs.
  • Made in the U.S.A. by Purrified Air, from American and international parts .

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    Purrified Air is a Product Pick from Animal Wellness Magazine for 2020 for "Recognizing Superior Quality in Promoting the Wellness of Animals." We're not going to argue.

    Purrified Air is recognized by Animal Wellness as a Product Pick for "Superior Quality in Promoting the Wellness of Animals.


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