Purrified Air After-Purchase Quantity Deal

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The Purrified Air After-Purchase Quantity Deal is for folks in multi-litter box households who want to try one filter for one litter box before considering outfitting the other boxes with one. Buy one filter at the regular price of $129.99. Use it for up to 60 days from date of purchase. If you are as happy with it as we know you will be, come back to this page and enjoy saving 15 to 21 percent off the regular price on up to four more filters. Want to go in with friends and enjoy savings on a few more units? That's A-OK with us.

Remember: You have to act within 60 days of initial purchase. To verify you have purchased a filter within 60 days we will require your original order number, or other evidence of purchase.  You are encouraged to email it to info@purrifiedair.com.

The math:

One more at 15 percent off is $110.99 ($19.00 savings)
Two more at 17 percent off is $215.99 ($43.99 savings)
Three more at 19 percent off is $315.99 ($73.98 savings)
Four more at 21 percent off is $410.99 ($108.97 savings)

As usual, shipping is free in the United States. (All units must be shipped to one address.)