Extension cord and cord protector

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You suggested, we listened.

We now offer a couple accessories you may find useful. We admit it, the cords on our power supplies are short (3 feet to 5 feet, depending on supplier). We know many customers are forced to use extension cords. However, we now offer a sleeker, cleaner looking option. Our power supply extension cord is 9.75 feet long (3 meters), and is the same appearance in color and shape of the power supply cord. Price is $9.99.

The other offering is a cord protector. It consists of hard, but flexible protective black plastic with an opening slit running its full length to make placing the cord inside easy. While we do not guarantee your cat won't get the better of it, these cord protectors are commonly used successfully to protect electrical wires from cats. They are also 9.75 feet long and have an inside diameter of 1/4 inch. Price is $7.99

Or get both and save 10 percent.

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