Purrified Air compared to the competition

How effective an air filter/purifier is depends mainly on three things: The amount of filter media the odoriferous air must go through for "scrubbing," the volume of air going through the filter media bed, and last, the thickness of the filter bed. The thicker it is, the more "dwell" time the air has to make contact with the filter media.

We have long known Purrified Air has a lot more of all three, but finally decided to quantify it. June 6, 2020 we conducted weight tests of the Purrified Air filter media cartridge with three competitors. 

The Purrified Air cartridge consists of a two-inch-thick,  2.2 pound (one kilogram) proprietary blend of activated carbon, zeolite, negative ion ceramic balls and catechin, an organic substance extracted from green tea which has odor-fighting, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.  The evidence shows there is little comparison.

Drum roll please: Our cartridge has 22 to 94 times the filter media of the competition. The Purr-ifier filter replacement weighed in at a paltry 1.7 ounces. Next, the BioStrike Poof, lighted down on the scale at 0.7 ounces. And last and least was the Purr-Fect-Air at a meager 0.4 ounces. 

Our adjustable speed fan was also noticeably more powerful when set on high. The others have just one speed.

Yes, our product may cost more, but certainly not 22 to 94 times more for the much higher value you receive.


Purrified Air filter media cartridge weight compared to Purr-ifier, BioStrike Poof and Purr-Fect-Air

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